Soulwell Daily was created as an easily accessible platform to inspire holistic living, higher consciousness, and global engagement. Our goal is to help create a sustainable future by focusing on mental and physical wellness, the environment, and philanthropy.

Our intention is to offer a safe space where Seekers receive constant inspiration, tools, motivation, and the latest in holistic news to push towards daily growth and enable living to one's truest and best life. This is a judgement-free zone that empowers Seekers to live a more healthful and fulfilling life in a nurturing environment. 



Britt Martin (left) and Sarah Colette (right) saw a need for a higher level community that brought health conscious people together and positively impacted the Earth. They desired to be a part of a movement that educated, empowered, connected, and served - thus Soulwell Daily was thoughtfully created. 

Britt is a California native who specializes in Holistic Nutrition and radiating positive vibes. She utilizes her passion for writing and collaborating with other professionals as Editor in Chief for Soulwell Daily.

Sarah soaks up the sun in Austin, TX and runs a full-service Digital Marketing Agency. Her passion for entrepreneurial development and web design have positioned her as Creative Director at Soulwell Daily.



Soulwell Daily is a community that provides you with exclusive essentials to live your most authentic life and use rooted wellness as a basis for living. The private Facebook group and newsletter community forum gives you everything you need to have a nourishing week, stay up to date on the latest research and trends, and continue evolving into your highest self. 

Additionally, Soulwell Daily features regular blog posts from the best experts in the field of holistic living, provides monthly wellness and personal growth challenges, and offers its members an opportunity to meet and grow with other similar spirited humans. 

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