Sarah Colette
Co-Founder, Creative Director
Sarah is a Digital Marketing Strategist and co-founder of Soulwell Daily. Sarah gets jazzed about helping other entrepreneurs live out their passion and transform their brands online. She also designs pretty cool websites and graphics for her clients. When Sarah's not in front of the screen creating beautiful things, she's off on an adventure with her boyfriend and cat. Currently, they are playing in Austin, TX and planning their next big thrill.
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Britt Martin
Co-Founder, Editor In Chief
Britt Martin is co-founder of Soulwell Daily and founder of Fitbrittnutrition, a Holistic Nutrition Consulting company based in LA. She is a studying, soon-to-be Holistic Nutritionist and California native who is passionate about helping her clients learn how to nourish their body's and inspiring as many people as possible to live healthier, more holistic lives. She is an aspiring health writer and regularly blogs for Soulwell Daily and on her personal site. Britt considers herself a health-foodie who loves hiking, her dog-child Logan, and traveling around the world with her bf.
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Libby Crow
Libby is a human sparkler and entrepreneur living in Santa Monica who helps people live more elevated lives and expand into possibility. With a background in teaching in the public school setting she now teaches globally in the field of personal and business development through her online programs. Libby likes to leave every person she meets smiling and every place she visits shining. She is living a life of service and bringing the joy and the fun along the way!
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Nick Kowalski
Nick Kowalski is a Transformational Health Coach and fitness model. He currently writes for his blog and Sunwarrior News. His mission is to help make the transformation toward health consciousness easy, effortless and fun with his eBooks, videos and training courses.
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Erica Julson
Erica Julson is a food & wellness lover, cooking enthusiast, and registered dietitian nutritionist. Her mission is to help you reclaim health through cooking & personalized nutrition. She runs a nutrition counseling practice in Los Angeles, CA specializing in food sensitivity testing for IBS, fibromyalgia, and migraines, and teaching the art of whole food cooking.
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Jasmyn Joyce
Jasmyn has a Passion for yoga and a LOVE for people. She is a Free-spirit, Mother, Healer, and aspires to BE the change she wants to see in the world. She is the co-founder of Love & Yoga: “The collective mobile yoga studio.” Striving to make yoga MORE accessible and continue to seek sustainability and random acts of kindness wherever they go.
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Ashley Hogan
Ashley Hogan is a Spiritual Life Coach and Soul Guide. After years of struggling with anxiety, depression, and a total lack of self love, she has learned how to ultimately choose love every day. She helps her clients choose love and truthfully transform their lives from the inside out by cultivating a foundation of unconditional self love, creating a holistic self care practice, and developing a spiritual practice so that they may connect to their inner wisdom and co-create with the Universe a life that they love.
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Rupy Aujla
Rupy Aujla is a NHS doctor with a speciality in General Practice, currently working in Emergency medicine in Sydney, Australia. He’s been passionate about healthy living, eating, nutrition and great tasting food for years. He feels fortunate to be able to help his patients, family and friends reach their healthier lifestyle goals. Rupy even created a YouTube channel to share video recipes and nutritional information. His goal is to inspire everyone to look at their diet, use more nutritional ingredients and lead happier, healthier lives... plus he’s one of those annoying people that loves taking pictures of his food and sharing recipes.
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