The Law of Creation: How To Manifest Like A Magician

By Guest Contributor: Nick Kowalski

Have you ever wondered how and why some people can effortless achieve their goals? I’ve personally noticed in my own life that everything I’ve ever told myself I was going to do, I’ve done it with ease. My mother always used to tell me I was just lucky, astrology tells me that Neptune guides the Pisces with an abundance of luck; however, I have a different theory. I personally know that luck is created. But how do you create it?

Well, like all things, there is a formula for creation. The basic formula is: BE, DO, HAVE.

This formula tells us that whatever you want to have, you must first be. IF you want to have more luck, then you must first be lucky. Essentially, beingness is a postulated idea; meaning, it’s simply made up by the individual. If you think you’re a lucky person and assume the role, you will undoubtedly have more luck.

Luck is a state of beingness that brings about more havingness. Before you have a thing, you must first have the idea of having that thing and be able to accept it into your own Universe. Before all physical things are created, the idea comes first – the thought-picture of whatever that thing is before it materializes.

The good news is that we are all great architects of not only our own mental Universe, but also co-creators in this Universe of matter, space, time, and energy that we all play in together. The word manifest means to manage or handle and we all are great at it, whether we realize it or not. We have co-created this physical Universe by projecting our ideas until we have not only a world, but also many worlds.

Now this can go a bit deeper, but I will stop here for now. There is a way of cleaning up our creations and manifestations, because well, sometimes we manifest things we do not enjoy so much. That’ll be another article.

For now, let’s just say that it is the Human Spirit’s need to be at cause, to create an effect. Spirit gauges it’s aliveness to its ability to cause and effect. It is our innate desire to create to infinity. It is the nature of Spirit to complete its work, to complete a cycle of start, continue and complete, and an idea is not complete until it has been experienced by its creator. That is where we get the formula for creation. In order to have something, we must first be able to BE it. Then we do (continue, communication, action, work) and lastly, we have our creations.

Suppose you wish to have a clean room, so you look around your room, and the idea or intention of cleanliness brings opportunities into your view. It suggests works of action to complete the cycle. You see closets, boxes, and cleaning supplies to tidy up the dirty clothes, shoes, dishes, and so on. These items represent ideas of a cleaner room, because they are the vehicles through which cleanliness and harmony will come into existence.

So in order to have your dream life, you must be able to be it. In other words, you must be able to have the idea, the concept or the thought-picture of what it is you intend to have. Then you get to work as opportunities arise.


As with anything, do not take this information on blind belief, try it for yourself. For some exercises try as follows:

  1. What do you want to have? By seeing what it is you want to have you will start to get clues as to what it is you want to be in life and therefore what you want to do in life. Another way of looking at it could be to consider what it is you want to improve at in life. Make a list of these things.
  2. What obstacles must you over come? This is where doingness comes into play. In order to have, we must be able and willing to do. What is it that you must do in order to be and have what it is you want in life? Make a list of these obstacles and things will become very clear and simplified in terms of action.
  3. Make a list of your own purposes. A purpose is what you are considering to be in order to have. A purpose is different from a reason (the why), a purpose is the intention; you don’t need a reason for a purpose. You can have the purpose of going outside for a walk, just because. Make sure your purposes are of your own choosing, not decided by someone else or what you think you should
  4. Visualizing having completed that purpose. In order to manifest a dream, you must first have in mind the outcome. If you say, “I want to go outside.” You first have a visual of yourself being outside.
  5. Keep it light. Do not put too much effort into your thoughts or visualizations. In order for visualization to work, it must be a light thought. Too much effort will immediately create a counter-effort. Then you have a problem. Anything you want too badly will run from you.

You can make these exercises a daily practice. Get a journal and every night before bed, visualize your next day and what you would like to do and get done. Then go through the steps in the exercise.

We create our futures, if we do not, it will not come. Without conscious creation of our dreams, we will run on automatic and likely end up places in life that we do not want to be.

Everyone can have the life of their dreams, as long as they willing to use their hidden power.

Nick Kowalski is a Transformational Health Coach and fitness model. He currently writes for his blog and Sunwarrior News. His mission is to help make the transformation toward health consciousness easy, effortless and fun with his eBooks, videos and training courses.

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