New Moon, New Beginning

By Guest Contributor, Ashley Hogan

Two weeks after the moon grows full, it wanes into the Dark Moon, or new moon. This is an incredibly powerful time to set intentions, as well as a beautiful opportunity for women to slow down, direct their energy inwards, and connect to their bodies and divine feminine power.

A woman’s moon cycle (menstrual cycle) flows in conjunction with the 28- day moon cycle. Historically, before we lived in a society with artificial lights, most women experienced their ‘moon time’ together on the new moon. Traditional Chinese medicine also refers to this time as ‘heavenly water’.

Although Western society often conditions us to think of our moon cycle as disgusting, uncomfortable, inconvenient, and something to be ashamed and embarrassed of, tuning into the greater cycles all around us helps us to really feel how beautiful and sacred our own cycles truly are. Our moon cycles are an immense blessing, regardless if we plan on childbirth in this life time. Just like the actual cycle of the moon, our own sacred moon cycles allow us to birth new life in the form of ideas, wisdom, and love.

The new moon is a wonderful time to really slow down and listen to our bodies. If you are experiencing your moon time during the new moon phase, you can think of it as a time when your lunar tide is out at its farthest, and your life force at its lowest. It is likely that your body is asking for rest, so that you may replenish your life force energy. The new moon cycle really enables this time of relaxation and nourishment, because regardless of where you are in your own sacred moon cycle, the new moon’s energy is one of inward reflection and self-care. It’s a time that enables us to turn inwards to use the divine feminine power within us and all of the loving energy around us to plant new seeds of intention.

As the moon grows full again, these seeds of intention manifest into our physical reality. On the full moon, we are also able to let go of what we no longer need to hold onto as we move into the next cycle. The most powerful way we can set intentions or release what is no longer serving us is through sacred ritual.
As you make more time for ritual during your own moon cycle and during the powerful time of the new and full moon phase, make note of any changes in your cycle. Are you bleeding closer to the new or full moon? It is most common to bleed on the new moon, but some women (especially those tapped into their healing gifts) bleed on the full moon. You might experience both, depending on the energies you are being called to pay attention to.

While the energy of the new moon is one of inward reflection and inner knowing, the energy of the full moon is one of outward expansion and interconnectedness. Healers often experience their moon time on the full moon, as they are being asked to help heal the world through the wisdom and love they receive during their own moon time when they turn inwards and connect to their inner wise woman. It enables them to call on the power of both energies with greater ease.

Regardless of when you experience your moon time, take some time to yourself on each new moon to delve into sacred ritual and plant your magical seeds of intention! This ritual is called the New Moon, New Beginnings Ritual.

1. Find a cozy, sacred space.

This could be somewhere outside or a quiet corner of your house or bedroom.

2. Gather your materials:
Sage smudge stick
Meditation music
Essential oils
Oracle deck

3. Feel free to include anything else that is going to help you feel nurtured, cozy, and relaxed.

This might be a cup of herbal tea, a warm blanket, or even a chocolaty indulgence. Don’t be afraid to make it a sensual experience, which means getting creative to call upon each sense, taking it alllllll in slowly and blissfully.

4. After you have all of your materials, clear your space.

You might burn some incense or a sage smudging stick or both. You might want to say a prayer out loud that might sound like: “I LOVINGLY CLEAR THIS SPACE. I CALL UPON THE DIVINE TO CLEANSE, DISMISS, AND DISPELL. AND SO IT IS.”

5. You can also wave the smoke around your own body, clearing and balancing your energy fields.

You might also want to begin with a chakra clearing meditation, to get rid of all the “muck”. While you meditate, visualize each chakra (beginning with the root chakra) spinning in a clockwise direction. Then visualize them spinning counterclockwise, as they release all of the stagnant “stuff”.

You can balance your chakras by visualizing each chakra radiating its vibrant light of the same size. If this is too challenging, you might want to start with visioning yourself being bathed in cleaning white light. You can also take an Epsom salt bath before the ritual or any time you want to clear your chakras. You can call upon the quartz crystal to help you cleanse your energetic bodies. Hold it and move it around your whole body, while repeating the prayer: “I LOVINGLY CLEAR MY ENERGETIC BODIES. I CALL UPON THE DIVINE TO CLEANSE, DISMISS, AND DISPELL. AND SO IT IS.”

6. Now that your space and energetic bodies are cleared, you are open to receiving nothing, but love and can delve into sacred ritual!

Start by doing whatever feels good to you. This might mean:
Putting on music and dancing from within. Let your body move with your emotions.
Mindfully sipping on tea or enjoying an indulgent dessert in the silence and safety of your scared space.
Drawing, painting, creating of any kind.
Giving yourself a massage with essential oils.
Give yourself a card reading with an Oracle Deck.
Doing anything that feels good, keeps you in your present moment, and is inviting more love into the space.

7. When you feel ready, take out your journal.

Close your eyes and place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly. Take a few deep breaths. Give yourself some time to really fill up on everything you have to feel grateful for in this beautiful moment. It could simply be gratitude for a few quiet moments that you have given yourself out of love or it could include something more expansive.

Whatever it is, allow yourself to really sit with everything that is going well in your life and give thanks for all of the gifts you have received already. Feel free to write down a gratitude list in your journal if you feel called to do so. Writing in the “I AM” tense is always the most powerful way to send a message to the Divine. “I AM grateful for…”

8. When you are ready, connect to your inner wisdom to really ask your self (your Highest Self versus your ego) what you really want and need to feel supported on your path.

Close your eyes and place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly. Take a few deep breaths. Notice how warm, centered, and high-vibe you are feeling after your gratitude exercise. Now ask yourself: “How do I want to invite more of this high-vibe feeling into my life over the next few weeks? What kind of abundance do I desire? What is going to really help me feel supported, safe, loved, and happy on my path?”

Take some time to really connect to the feelings you are inviting into your life. When you are ready, feel free to write down some more “I AM”s. Although you are writing in the present tense, you are writing about what you want to feel or experience over the next few weeks. For example, if you want to work on your diet, you might write: “I love my body. I nurture my sacred temple with nourishing whole foods. I AM vibrant, energized, and healthy.” If you want to manifest more money, you might write: “I attract abundance everyday. I AM a money magnet. The Universe loves me and is always supporting me on my path. I HAVE more than enough. I AM being given everything I need.” (We use laws of attraction when we manifest, which means that “like” attracts “like”.

To put it simply, the Universe gives us what we put out. So in order to invite desired feelings and experiences into our lives, we must already embody those feelings and experiences. Using the power of gratitude and writing in the “I AM” tense is a quick and effective way to do that.)

9. After you have taken some time to thoughtfully write down your wishes and prayers, experiment with speaking them out loud.

Call upon the energy of the Divine (God(dess)/The Universe) and speak the prayers of your heart into existence. Start with a few simple prayers, send them out into existence, surrender them over to God(dess)/The Universe, and then simply let them go.

10. While you needn’t worry, because The Universe always hears our prayers, you can hang up your written prayers in a place for you to see and revisit them when you need to.

This ritual can be used anytime you want to get into a space of connecting to the power within and all around you. If you feel anxious about what you are asking for, you can always simply ask the Universe to bless you with whatever is going to serve your Highest Good and the Highest Good of everyone all around you.

You can hold your New Moon Ritual the night before or on the night of the new moon day, depending on which night is closer to the exact time of the new moon. It is most powerful when done at nighttime. You can also consult astrology gurus like Mystic Mama to learn more about the specific sign of the new moon and add elements of each sign to your ritual. Click here for the New Moon 2016 Calendar.
So much love and many blessings my loves! You are powerful and magical co-creators.


Happy New Moon Manifesting!

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