My Most POWERFUL Manifestation Secret And Why It Works

By: Guest Contributor Ashely Hogan


There are so many people sharing tools and tips on how to manifest your dream life right now and that’s AWESOME! Although “manifesting” seems to be one of those hot “New Age-y” words right now… like it or not, you ARE a powerful co-creator who is manifesting your reality with your every word, thought, and action. The quicker we can own this and the more conscious we can become of our words, thoughts, and actions, the more we can powerfully co-create a reality we actually WANT to experience.

So, I talk about manifesting all the time because it’s exactly what I teach in my coaching, workshops, and Goddess Circles but I’ve never straight-forwardly laid out for you my most Top POWERFUL Manifestation Secret and exactly why it works.


So, here it is and it’s probably not what you’re expecting…


As I look back on my own transformations and quantum leaping over the past three years, it is truly amazing to see how far I’ve journeyed! I went from working 60 hour work weeks and constantly dreaming of traveling across the U.S. and living in Hawaii to spending a year exploring our country and living on the beaches of Maui. Once that was manifested and experienced to completion, I was overcome with soul desires of starting a business where I could share my gifts and be of service in a really deep way to ACTUALLY moving back home to Boston and making it all happen. I went from blogging and “sort of sharing my message” and “sort of starting a business” to ACTUALLY running a business I am so in love with and one that has truly helped hundreds of people through 1:1 coaching and things like facilitating workshops, Goddess Circles, and Goddess Dance Parties!

I remember a time when I wanted these transformations to happen more than ANYTHING but I felt totally terrified! I was scared to dream so big, because I wasn’t sure how it was all going to happen. My ego went crazy… (Where will the money come from? What if you fail? What if you’re not good enough? What will your friends and family think? Who do you think you even are right now?!?)

When I reflect on my journey and look around at the beautiful life I am living right now, I truly feel in awe and like I need to pinch myself to even believe it’s all real! I ask myself, “how did this all happen and how did it happen so fast?!”. The answer??!


… A Sacred Sisterhood and a TRIBE of the most loving, inspiring, and bad-ass Goddesses!


There is NO WAY I would be where I am today without my tribe of sisters holding me up every step of the way. If you follow my work, you know that I am totally in love and obsessed with sisterhood but why exactly do I value it enough to call it my Most Powerful Manifestation Secret and keep it at the heart of everything I offer?!


Here are 15 reasons why you need a Sacred Sisterhood and a Tribe of Goddess Sisters:


1.) The manifestation process begins in the energy of the Divine Feminine.

The BIGGEST mistake I see in people who are actively working on manifesting their dreams and living their life purpose is the tendency to reside in a place of excessive masculine energy. In Sacred Sisterhood, you are shown where you are holding imbalanced or wounded feminine and masculine energy and you will learn how to heal and dance between the two in order to become the powerful and skillful artist and creator of your life.

2.) Sacred Sisterhood is the most conducive container for transformation and alchemy.

A container of women is an extremely powerful alchemical cauldron – meaning it’s the most high-vibrational container available ON THE PLANET for turning fear into love and soul desires into physical manifestations. Because women are the most open physically and carry the power to birth new life (to babies, ideas, creations, etc.) from their wombs and yonis, they are intimately connected to God in a way that is unique and truly medicinal. By nature, every woman is a divine channel and healer. It is in the container of Sacred Sisterhood where you are able to release and transform old wounds, traumas, and patterning in the most powerful, effective, and loving of ways. In Sacred Sisterhood, I have allowed wounds and traumas to be seen and healed that I was carrying around for YEARS, despite therapy and stacks of self-help books. In the loving container of sisterhood, I have successfully released deep childhood wounds, ancestral trauma, and karmic patterning that dates back to lifetimes and lifetimes ago. This has resulted in the receiving of so many profoundly beautiful miracles!


3.) Sacred Sisterhood amplifies intentions and speeds up the manifestation process.

It is in this space of collective magic, where soul desires will often manifest with miraculous quickness. Just as women can transform fear into love with a gentle word, touch, laugh, or tear, women possess amazing capabilities for transforming soul desires into physical realities. Speaking your intentions and desires out loud to a Sacred Sisterhood is like amplifying the magic and energy of the words times a 1,000,000,000!!! God truly receives your intentions faster and in a more powerful way, which allows you to often receive in more and more miraculous ways!


4.) The connections you find in a Sacred Sisterhood and Goddess Tribe are like no other.

When fear and pain melt away, every woman is a girl’s girl at heart! I could go on all day and float myself up into the clouds dreaming about all of the things I love about men, but it doesn’t change the fact that there is a magic found in sisterhood that I’ll never quite experience with a man. Every Goddess deserves to know and treasure the gifs and miracles that are only found in sisterhood and the beauty of creating special and sacred bonds that will outlast even this lifetime.


5.) In Sacred Sisterhood, you meet the light of your Highest Self.

It is in this loving container where you are able to access your Highest Self with a newfound clarity and sacredness. Your Goddess sisters, highly intuitive and connected to the energy of divine love,  reflect back to you your Highest Self and hold you in this light even when you can’t. This is truly invaluable.


6.) Sacred Sisterhood supports you in quantum leaping because every sister is a powerful mirror.

In sisterhood, you will move mountains and leap into your desired reality faster because your sisters serve as mirrors. Consciously or not, they will show you aspects of yourself that need to be seen, heard, held, and loved. They will illuminate your shadows. They will shine a light on your blindspots. They will reflect back to you your greatness and your divinity. This will support you in the most miraculous ways on the path to living your purpose and manifesting your deepest desires.


7.) Sacred Sisterhood teaches you how to feel safe.

The container of Sacred Sisterhood is so loving, so high-vibrational, and so close to God, that it really shows you how safe you can truly feel in your body and on this earth in this lifetime. Healing in sisterhood is the most powerful way to heal sexual trauma or work through any self-limiting beliefs that are preventing you from feeling SAFE in your body or SAFE in this world. It is through the love and wisdom of your sisters, where you learn how to connect to the ultimate truth in order to release fear and feel safe again. I have personally experienced heaven on earth many times in the sacred container of sisterhood.


8.) Your sisters will hold you accountable.

Your sisters want to see you shine! They will happily and lovingly hold you accountable as you work hard to manifest those beautiful dreams and desires! They want nothing more than to see you doing your thing and living your purpose!


9.) Goddesses looooove to celebrate!

Celebration is one of the key principles in manifesting your life’s purpose. In Sacred Sisterhood, you have a tribe of sisters always available to celebrate YOU and all of your unfolding. This is SUCH a powerful way to call in more of the energies you are so excited to be experiencing!


10.) In Sacred Sisterhood, you find true unconditional love.

A Sacred Sisterhood is a place where you can truly bare it all. You receive immediate permission to show up as YOU and ALL OF YOU. It’s a safe space where you can unapologetically celebrate who you are everyday. It’s a place where you can allow your deepest fears and wounds to be witnessed in a way that is super powerful, loving, and constructive. Your sisters want to love you unconditionally in each and every one of your forms. They are there to support and nurture you in whatever way is going to help you connect to love and truth.


11.) Your sisters provide you with clarity and that’s really exciting!

One of the biggest ways we keep ourselves stuck and from taking action is by allowing confusion and lack of clarity to paralyze us. It is truly invaluable to have a tribe of Goddess sisters available to bounce ideas off of and to point you in the right direction when you’re just feeling totally lost!


12.) Sacred Sisterhood heals your “little girl.”

Learning to both receive from and give to women heals your inner child in big ways. Every woman can recall at least one painful memory from childhood where she was torn down or bullied because of another girl. Likewise, every woman can recall a time when she acted out of pain, hurt, anger, or jealousy towards another girl. Joining a Sacred Sisterhood gives you a chance to heal your “little girl” and release any lingering fears that show up when relating to women today. Allowing yourself to be a part of a bad-ass Goddess Tribe is making room to create new belief systems about women that are in accordance with ultimate truth and love. Allowing yourself to receive the “feeling of belonging” is a beautiful gift to your “little girl”.


13.) Sacred Sisterhood is an instant energetic upgrade and intuition activator.

Gathering with women in a sacred container creates such powerful energetic potency that immediately raises your vibration and activates your intuition. We’ve been told that “we are the company we keep”. While this statement has a pretty disempowering tone and I don’t recommend giving personal power to any limiting idea — there’s some truth in here, right?! The people we surround ourselves with undoubtedly shift our vibration. That’s why the whole world opens up to us once we finally get out of that toxic relationship or dreaded 9 – 5 or when we commit to ourselves and sign up with that coach we absolutely love and adore. Simply BEING with women who you admire and want to be more like is the most powerful way to make it happen. Your energy will shift and your subconscious mind will begin to reprogram, allowing you to experience more miracles and magic!


14.) In Sacred Sisterhood, you don’t just get there faster, you get there with more fun, pleasure, and play!

Hanging out with a tribe of Sacred Goddess Sisters isn’t just life-changingly powerful, it’s like a never ending slumber party between you and your besties! We live in a society that values hard work and hustle and while there’s always a time for divine masculine action, how often are we forgetting pleasure and play?!? In Sacred Sisterhood, you’re reminded of the value of childlike curiosity, creativity with no limits, and full and fearless self expression. Sisterhood has no limits! Laughing until you pee your pants, dancing in the ocean completely naked, and expressing how you’re really feeling about your sexuality are only a few of the fun and exciting items on the menu.

15.) The special and sacred bonds you create with your Goddess sisters flood into ALL of your relationships.

The many different kinds of wonderful exchanges that take place in sisterhood, truly make you a better and more loving person. Through the shared love in sisterhood, you are able to melt deeper into self-love which creates more peace and fulfillment in the relationships with your partner, lover, children, friends, boss, etc.. When we are shown the kind of love we TRULY deserve but have never allowed ourselves to receive before, we become INCREDIBLY inspired to share this love with everyone and in any way we can. Sisterhood lifts and inspires.

~ Ashley Hogan is the founder and creator of Gifts of The Goddess: A Sacred Sisterhood and coaching program. You can learn more about her at

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