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Take the leap.

Every morning I woke up and that was the first thought in my head. Before my eyes even opened, before coffee, before I set my feet on the ground.
And eventually I took it.

I celebrated 1 year in June. One year since I quit my job, moved to a new country and started completely over. And what a exhausting, overwhelming, beautiful journey it's been. Moving to Bali changed my entire life, and I'm still in disbelief it's real.

I started a business in November with an idea that originated with my Mama. We had been to Bali 5 years ago and collected sea glass on the beach we had all to ourselves. 5 years later, while on her month holiday with me we got rings made with our favorite glass.

And that was the beginning of Roam+Rumah. A jewelry line inspired by the ocean, beachy babes, and the tides that shape us.

It hasn't been easy. I would be lying to everyone if I said it wasn't terrifying. But life is supposed to scare you, it's supposed to challenge you. It's the only way we grow, the way we find our true selves. I've found myself, I've found Im continuing learning about myself, and I've found my passion.

I encourage you to step out of your bubble, your cubicle, your city, your comfort zone. Open your mind and your heart and see what beautiful things come your way.