Say YES to a Stress-Free Holiday Season

We all know the holidays can be a time of major chaos and STRESS. The good news is that we do not have to accept the stress as “normal holiday conditions,” but instead create new rituals to flow through this time of year with ease.

Stress-Reducing Habits for the Holidays:

  1. Add adaptogenic herbs. End your day or start your day with a cup of Tulsi tea and/or add ashwagandha to your oats or warm tea. Both Tulsi and ashwagandha are adaptogenic herbs, which work with your body and help it to adapt to stress.
  2. Practice yoga 1-2 times a week. Schedule it on your calendar to ensure you go!
  3. Meditate every day. The app Headspace is a great tool to help make meditation a daily habit.
  4. Journal. Include goals, things you are grateful for, and how you could have improved your day for some positivity and self-reflection.
  5. Set an intention. These are super effective to set at the beginning of the week or every morning.
  6. Exercise 4-6 days a week. This helps you connect with your body, release endorphins, and reduce tensions.
  7. Use diaphragmatic breathing. Take 10 deep breaths through the abdomen when you start to feel stressed or overwhelmed.
  8. Create to do lists. This will help you stay organized with holiday shopping and planning.
  9. Order gifts online. We have the internet to thank for the ability to avoid the stress of crowds and traffic (and to help the environment out)
  10. Gift yourself with a massage or reiki session. Self-care is essential – especially in the midst of chaotic times – in order to center yourself and relieve tension.
  11. Use mantras. Have a mantra of the day to help you conquer your day.

Stress-reducing Mantras:

How to: Pick one to use whenever you feel stressed and repeat 3 x in front of a mirror, or whenever you start to feel stressed out throughout your day.

  • I think positively, even in stressful situations
  • Stress is leaving my body and I feel calm
  • I see stressful situations as positive challenges
  • This too shall pass
  • I choose joy
  • I am at peace with the Universe
  • There is always a solution
  • My mind is tranquil and stress free
  • I deserve to live in peace
  • Even though I feel stressed, I completely love and accept myself

You deserve every bit of a peaceful holiday season with healthy traditions. Let us know YOUR favorite stress-reducing tips this season by tagging #THRIVEtheHolidays with your top picks!

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